Cage Warriors 140 at the SSE Arena this Saturday

Cage Warriors has landed in Belfast and all bouts scheduled are set to go after a successful weigh-in at the Europa Hotel today.

Cage Warriors has landed in Belfast and all bouts scheduled are set to go after a successful weigh-in at the Europa Hotel today.

There was some tension between Tyrone man Caolan Loughran, seen talking to his opponent Festus Ahorlu during face offs, before pushing him then walking off. This will be Loughran’s first professional fight back on home turf after moving to Team Kaobon permanently a few years ago.

Another fight getting people talking is a Dublin vs. Belfast affair, with Team KF’s Ryan Shelley facing off against Belfast fighter Matthew Elliot. These two couldn’t have more differing personalities, adding fuel to an already interesting fiery stylistic match up.

In an interview with Andy Stevenson for, FAI’s Elliott stated “I want to know where his confidence is coming from.. he’s replied to nothing (online).. I know some people don’t want to engage in a back and forth, but I definitely see that as a lack of confidence”.

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In the main event, Rhys McKee finally gets a chance to take home the prestigious Cage Warriors Welterweight title. Ballymena’s McKee looked to be having fun at the weigh ins, stating after for the Unlocked series “This is a very important fight in my career.. it is huge, to be in the hometown, to have it for the world title, it aligns in the SSE Arena tomorrow night”.

Another one to watch is Team Ryano’s James Sheehan, or Jimbo Slice, as he is now known. James had an incredible TKO win in his last outing and really is a Team Ryano fighter through and through – a workhorse and an absolute savage. This fight only being a couple of hours up the road from Ryano HQ, I’m sure there will be an army of Sheehan’s and their fans bringing their energy to this event too.

Saturday night is set to be a big night for Irish MMA. Don’t miss out.

Cage Warriors 140
Live on UFC Fight Pass
Prelims 7:30pm BST / 11:30am PDT / 1pm EDT
Main Card 9pm BST / 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT

Weigh in results;

Main Card | 9pm

Justin Burlinson (169.6lbs) vs. Rhys McKee (168.6lbs) | vacant welterweight title

Festus Ahorlu (134.8lbs) vs. Caolan Loughran (135.2lbs) | bantamweight

Martin Causse (168.8lbs) vs. James Sheehan (168.7lbs) | welterweight

Federico Pasquali (144.3lbs) vs. Harry Hardwick (145.9lbs) | featherweight

Matthew Elliott (144.4lbs) vs. Ryan Shelley (145.9lbs) | featherweight

Prelims | 7.30pm

Michele Martignoni (131.6lbs) vs. Scott Malone (131.8lbs) | 132lbs catchweight

James Power (155.4lbs) vs. Adam Shelley (155.5lbs) | lightweight

Michael Tchamou (182.4lbs) vs. Glenn Irvine (183lbs) | middleweight

Dorian Cliucinicov (155.6lbs) vs. Adam Darby (157.3lbs) | 160lbs catchweight

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